Surface Machining

The system installed for surface processing allows for satin-finishing in different grits and brushing with Scotch – brite and Duplo finishes. In addition to these finishes, thanks to the extension of the finishing line, Efinox is able to supply its customers with material in flocked, box and Pipes finishes.

It can process coils with a maximum weight of 18 tonnes in thicknesses between 0.6 and 4 mm and a maximum width of 1500 mm.

The Scotch Brite finish is a unique surface treatment that gives the stainless steel a brushed, yet uniform and shiny appearance.

The surface of the steel has a roughness greater than 0, but appears smooth to the touch and does not compromise its suitability for moulding.

The Scotch brite finish is achieved in most cases with the use of rotary brushes made of non-woven synthetic fibres (nylon) impregnated with abrasive granules.

Satin finishing is a treatment of the surface layer of steel using abrasive paper or cloth belts of various grits. This process produces a surface with a higher roughness than Scotch Brite, which appears rough to the touch and is usually a preparation of surfaces for other applications.


Line Thickness Width Length Maximum reel capacity
Satin machine From 0.6mm to 4mm Max 1500mm 18 TON
Flower maker From 0.6mm to 4mm Max 1500mm 18 TON
Box Box
Scotch Brite
Satin finish